Book Blogger Hop – September 17, 2010

The Book Blogger Hop is hosted by Jennifer over at Crazy For Books

This week the question asks: In honor of Book Blogger Appreciation Week, let’s take time this week to honor our favorite book bloggers and why we love them!

I am going to turn this on its head a little. Because I am pretty new to the Book Blogging world, I already featured my favorite book bloggers on the first day of BBAW. What I think I will do today is share with you the best new blogs that I have discovered as a result of BBAW. How does that sound?

Audiobook Jukebox: Beth Fish is a freelance book professional who has been on the audiobook bandwagon for a very long time. She and Audiobook DJ are responsible for the site which provides a place for aubiobook users to share their experiences with audiobooks by posting links to reviews. For me, a person new to audiobooks, this is an terrific resource. I have found myself humming and hawing over what audiobooks to buy. They are so expensive and you never know what the narration is going to be like. Using Audiobook Jukebox is a sure fire way to make sure you are never disappointed with your selections.

Park Benches and Book Ends: This might be the single best site I have discovered this past week. It is joint effort by a husband and wife from Surrey, England. They both have different tastes in books, but, what appears, so far, to be a varied taste. I very much enjoy that. Their reviews are articulate and to the point and they sometimes feature other literary tidbits, general literary stuff of interest to everybody. Keep up the great work Jess and Chris!!

Winstonsdad’s Blog: A thirty-something support worker and dog lover, Winston’s Dad offers the very best in translated fiction from around the globe. Bloggers who focus on books that are largely unknown to the rest of us are always some of my favorite people. I truly believe they serve the highest purpose in the Book Blogging world. While the rest of us are busy receiving and reviewing ARCs of the most popular books mostly in the interests of supporting our own reading habits, guys like Winston’s Dad are out there finding, reading and promoting the little guy, the lost guy and the less-loved guy. I hope you will check him out!


About Robbie

Hi there, my name is Robbie Burns (no,really, that’s my name…hold the haggis jokes please) and I would like to welcome you to the Pink Sheep Cafe. I started this blog as a means of discussing books and all things literary in light of my perpetual isolation. At the time I began writing, I was living in Split, Croatia. There wasn’t much here in the way of English book clubs and I couldn’t work, so I badly needed something to help me bide my time. My partner and I have since left Croatia and returned to Canada to live in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. When we first moved back here, my blog writing sort of fell by the wayside, but now I seem to be back on track. I try to read and review a little bit of everything here; I think everyone can find something to their liking here. I find myself tending more towards more literary reads these days, but I also enjoy a lot of YA and children’s fiction. One of my ongoing goals is to work my way through all of the Nobel Laureates. My two most favorite authors are Timothy Findley and Halldor Laxness.
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10 Responses to Book Blogger Hop – September 17, 2010

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  2. Happy HOP! Just passing through to come visit your pink sheep and see what your up. I hope yout enjoying The Angel’s Game and look forward to your review. Happy reading 🙂

    HOP by my blog this week

  3. Redhead says:

    found you through the hop, you have the most adorable title banner!! gonna go check out your site more, and some of the sites you linked to above!

  4. afth says:

    Just stopped by…love your background…and I loved Angels game which you are currently reading. Enjoy.

  5. Heidi says:

    Love your pink sheep…and Carlos Ruiz Zafon is one of my favorite authors – enjoy Angels Game.

  6. winstonsdad says:

    wow thanks for mention me really honoured ,all the best stu

  7. Stopping by on the hop.

    If you love book giveaways like I do then stop by my blog and check out my new giveaway linky:
    Got Great Giveaways?
    Have a great weekend!
    ~Inspired Kathy
    I Am A Reader, Not a Writer

  8. Holly says:

    Stopping by from the Hop. Adorable pink sheep AND literary fiction? Me thinks I will definitely be stopping by again 🙂

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Hopping by…have a fun hop this weekend.

    Find my answer to the question about my favorite blogs at:

  10. Love your pink sheep, and your blog in general! I’m so glad I found you on the blog hop. Here I go, adding another blog to my Google Reader! I look forward to reading much more.

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