Monday Musings – September 27, 2010

Monday Musings is a weekly meme hosted by MizB at Should be Reading.

This weeks Musing ask: If your book group asked you to bring two (2) suggestions for group reads to your next meeting, what two books would you suggest? Why?

Oh that’s an easy question!! First off, I would probably try shoving all the Timothy Findley I could think of down their throats. Not Wanted on the Voyage or Famous Last Words or something like that. But eventually my book club would run out of Timothy Findley novels to read, because I would recommend them incessantly until they were either all read or I was kicked out of the book club. Once I ran out of Findley and started acting like a normal person again, I would probably recommend two of my favorite books from this past year. The first is The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz and the second is The Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. I wrote a review for The Kitchen House, so you can check that one out on your own. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao I read much, much earlier this year, before I had started blogging. I really want to reread it so I can put up a decent review. For now, I will just pillage from Faber & Faber:

“Things have never been easy for Oscar. A ghetto nerd living with his Dominican family in New Jersey, he’s sweet but disastrously overweight. He dreams of becoming the next J. R. R. Tolkien and he keeps falling hopelessly in love. Poor Oscar may never get what he wants, thanks to the Fukú – the ancient curse that has haunted his family for generations, dooming them to prison, torture, violent accidents and, above all, ill-starred love.

With dazzling energy and insight Díaz immerses us in the tumultuous lives of Oscar, his runaway sister Lola, their beautiful mother Belicia, and in the family’s uproarious journey from the Dominican Republic to the US and back.

Rendered with uncommon warmth and humour,The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao presents an astonishing vision of the endless human capacity to persevere – and to risk it all – in the name of love. A literary triumph, this novel confirms Junot Díaz as one of the funniest, warmest and most exciting writers of our time.”

I had seen Junot Diaz’s book several times in reviews and just kicking around at the bookstore, but it never really grabbed my attention. One day I picked it up because there was simply nothing else at the small shop I was in. It is one of my all time favorite reads. I am anxious to read Diaz’s other book Drown to see if it is equally as good.


About Robbie

Hi there, my name is Robbie Burns (no,really, that’s my name…hold the haggis jokes please) and I would like to welcome you to the Pink Sheep Cafe. I started this blog as a means of discussing books and all things literary in light of my perpetual isolation. At the time I began writing, I was living in Split, Croatia. There wasn’t much here in the way of English book clubs and I couldn’t work, so I badly needed something to help me bide my time. My partner and I have since left Croatia and returned to Canada to live in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. When we first moved back here, my blog writing sort of fell by the wayside, but now I seem to be back on track. I try to read and review a little bit of everything here; I think everyone can find something to their liking here. I find myself tending more towards more literary reads these days, but I also enjoy a lot of YA and children’s fiction. One of my ongoing goals is to work my way through all of the Nobel Laureates. My two most favorite authors are Timothy Findley and Halldor Laxness.
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6 Responses to Monday Musings – September 27, 2010

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I would suggest THE GOOD DAUGHTERS by Joyce Maynard since it was in the 1950’s when I was a child and I would suggest SHADOW OF THE WIND by Carlos Ruiz Zafon just because it is my all-time favorite book.

    Hello to all….have a great week.

  2. Oh, yay, Elizabeth! The Good Daughters is one of my suggestions, too.

    Robbie, I haven’t read any of the authors you mentioned, but the tidbits you shared made them sound really intriguing.

    Here’s mine:

  3. I have never heard of Timothy Findley…I will have to Google him.

  4. Anne says:

    Never heard these of books but it will be interesting to check them out.

    My musing.

  5. Lori says:

    I never heard of these books. Here is my Musing For Monday

  6. Julie says:

    When I have decided to start going back to the library ( HA! I never stopped LOL) I will check out all of these books…..
    Oh man, when am I going to get my homework done? LOL

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