2011 Atrocious Covers Challenge and Contest

If one thing is clear by now, it is that I have absolutely no talent when it comes to using Photoshop!!

Yes, here it is, the challenge you’ve been waiting for (or perhaps not) How many books did you read last year that had truly terrible cover-art? How many books did you pass over in the bookstore simply because they were too ugly or too offensive? Good News!! This year, you won’t have to pass over those titles. Allow the ugly ducklings of the publishing industry to worm their way onto your bookshelf and into your hearts.

Ugly Books Deserve to be Read Too!!


January 1, 2011 – December 31, 2011


For the record, “Atrocious Covers” are those which you, personally, find beastly, ugly, offensive, distasteful, grotesque, dirty, scandalous, shocking, sordid, raunchy or obnoxious (please refer to your thesaurus for further details) In short, any cover-art which assaults your senses in any manner. Whether hideous or homely, unseemly or unsightly, all welcome here. As long as you find the cover atrocious, for one reason or another, it qualifies.

Three Levels:

Level 1- (AKA: I just want to feel cool by taking part, but don’t want to really commit to anything) – 2 Books

Level 2 – (AKA: I’m a bit of a wimp, but I want to give this a go anyway) – 5 Books

Level 3 – (AKA: I’m a superstar and I don’t judge books by their covers) – 10 Books


1. Write a challenge sign up post for your blog with a link back to the main 2011 Atrocious Covers Challenge Page. (Feel free to use my terrible attempt at a challenge button at the top of the page or, if you wish to save some embarrassment, feel free to create your own.)

2. You must sign up with the Mr. Linky at the top of the main page – Sign-ups will close at 11:59PM (EST) on February 28, 2011.

3. Before the end of January, 2011, I will post a page to which everyone can link with their reviews of their hideous books. It is not a requirement to link your reviews, but in order to take part in the year-end contest, participants will have to link their reviews to said page throughout the course of the year. Only books with a linked review will be considered for the contest.


At the end of 2011 or in Jan of 2012, there will be a contest for the most atrocious cover. Each challenge participant will select one of the atrocious covers that they read for the challenge and it will be pitted against the others. (Only books read and reviewed for the challenge will be eligible) Everyone, not just participants, will vote to decide on the worst cover of the challenge. The participant whose cover is deemed the worst will receive a $100 Gift Certificate from either Book Depository or Amazon.com (I reserve the right to choose)

Note: While I make take part in the challenge, I am not qualified to take part in the contest.

About Robbie

Hi there, my name is Robbie Burns (no,really, that’s my name…hold the haggis jokes please) and I would like to welcome you to the Pink Sheep Cafe. I started this blog as a means of discussing books and all things literary in light of my perpetual isolation. At the time I began writing, I was living in Split, Croatia. There wasn’t much here in the way of English book clubs and I couldn’t work, so I badly needed something to help me bide my time. My partner and I have since left Croatia and returned to Canada to live in Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. When we first moved back here, my blog writing sort of fell by the wayside, but now I seem to be back on track. I try to read and review a little bit of everything here; I think everyone can find something to their liking here. I find myself tending more towards more literary reads these days, but I also enjoy a lot of YA and children’s fiction. One of my ongoing goals is to work my way through all of the Nobel Laureates. My two most favorite authors are Timothy Findley and Halldor Laxness.
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11 Responses to 2011 Atrocious Covers Challenge and Contest

  1. winstonsdad says:

    love it ,what a fun challenge ,I m going have a root and see what bad covers I have sure got one or two older covers that are bad ,all the best stu

  2. Nicole says:

    The cover of The Gas We Pass is hysterical. I need it as a laugh aid.

  3. leeswammes says:

    Ha ha, this is great! I’m tempted, I’m tempted. But really I was only going to do my own challenge (here it is: http://leeswammes.wordpress.com/2010/11/30/book-bloggers-abroad-2011-challenge) and a TBR challenge. I could see which books I have with bad covers that I want to read next year, but that wouldn’t be a challenge, would it?

    Can you hear me thinking in myself? OK, it was out loud. I really like the idea, but I need to think about it. BTW when it comes to it, I’m one of the worst cover snobs, I hardly ever read a book with a bad cover! 🙂

    • Robbie says:

      Oh come now Judith…Level 1 is only two books and surely you will read at least two ugly books over the course of the year 😉

      • leeswammes says:

        Ugly books? Shudder!

        However, I may run into them by accident (gift, review copy) in which case I can but read it. So, 2 seems OK. It’s still a challenge, because I would prefer NOT to read them.

        Are you doing my Book Bloggers Abroad Challenge, then? :-))))

        Starts at 5, though, none of this miserable lousy 2 books level in my challenge.

      • Robbie says:

        Yeah, I still have to sign up, but I am going to go for the 15. I am trying to gear all of the challenges I take part in this year towards the same goals. I think your challenge will go quite nicely with Global Reading Challenge being hosted by Dorte and the Aussie Author Challenge being hosted by Joanne at Booklover.

      • leeswammes says:

        Oh, it’s great you’re going to join in the BBA challenge (I hope this reply ends up below my previous one or it doesn’t make sense).

        15! Wow, no small measures! I went for 10 mainly because I think it’s going to be quite hard for me to get some of the books. It’s great how you can combine it with other challenges. That helps a lot.

  4. Julie says:

    Oh Shoot. I pass over books with ugly covers…. I have to commit to actually picking them up and reading them! I think I can do it.

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