Review Policy

Rereading this now, it sounds awfully formal, but I guess that’s because it is. This is my first crack at a review policy, so it might be a little too rigid or maybe it’s over the top, I don’t know. Below, I have tried to be as honest as possible in giving you an idea of how I review books.

No matter how much I dislike a book I will endeavour, at the very least, to say one positive thing about it. I believe that every publication is deserving of a certain respect and as a published work there is something meritorious within it. That said, there is no guarantee that I will like your book. The only promise I make in reviewing a work is that the review will be my honest opinion.  Like any individual, I am a product of my upbringing. As such there is no doubt that my opinions will be influenced by that upbringing as well as my life experience, family history, political views, religious views, sexual orientation and profession.

I do not currently receive any remuneration for my reviews nor do I receive any revenue from advertising.

All publishers and authors are welcome to contact me via email: rubbieburns [at] gmail [dot] com. Whether or not I accept a work for review is up to me. Once I have accepted it, however, I see that I have an obligation to read the work in its entirety and complete a review. As such, I will only accept books in which I believe I will find some interest or will enjoy. If I decline an offer to review a particular work it should in no way limit a publisher or author from inquiring about any other works in the future. Also, I have not managed to get into the whole digital reading thing, so please, no ebooks.

Details of my rating system can be found here.

When choosing a book for myself, I tend to lean heavily towards historical fiction or anything with a strong political interest. I also really like reading new authors, especially those from developing countries that may not have access to the same resources that enable them to reach larger markets. Additionally, I am a huge fan of Canadian fiction. The only things I don’t particularly care for are Thriller/Horror novels. Science Fiction has to be really well done and have some grounding in reality for me to enjoy it and I am not really big on poetry, but certainly am not opposed to reviewing it.

So, now that that’s out of the way…bring on the books!!


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